Cannery Row, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, 2017

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First stop is Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park with the Blue Angels flying overhead, then, off to Monterey CA to visit John Steinbeck on Cannery Row… enjoy!


Hahahahappy Anniververversary

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The Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion was a television signal hijacking that occurred in Chicago, Illinois, United States, on the evening of November 22, 1987, by an unknown man (or group of unknown individuals). It is an example of what is known in the television business as broadcast signal intrusioncLiK for Story

Cheyenne: Do you know anything about a guy going around playing the harmonica? He’s someone you’d remember. Instead of talking, he plays. And when he better play, he talks.

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Million Dollar Highway

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The Million Dollar Highway, a two-lane blacktop between Durango and Ouray, is part of the 236-mile-long San Juan Skyway that squiggles through the rugged San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The skyway, a designated All-American Byway, is one of the state’s must-do scenic drives with mile after mile of eye-popping scenery.  cLiK for article



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Bar trends come and go. One day, it’s wannabe Tom Cruises juggling brightly colored shakers, the next it’s a hipster putting 19 different kinds of bitters in a glass. But one American drinking institution that will never change is the humble dive bar, that dark, dank, slightly disreputable den of sin where ancient old men and wily young pool sharks come together under the banner of stiff drinks, good company, and a moderate amount of danger.


No Home in This World Anymore

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The 50 Essential Road Trip Songs

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Road trip season is upon us. Whether you’re driving across the country or just down the road, it’s always better to be prepared with some music to make the trip go smoothly.


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